Exchange Program

Language School Brighton
There are several ways o­ne can go about learning a foreign language. The first way is simply by attending a school for foreign languages where the student can be exposed to grammar, vocabulary, and the opportunity to practice speaking with others. Students will be able to purchase a book to study from, ask questions, and have a lot of guidance. Most community colleges offer classes, and many language schools can be found over the Internet. Berlitz Language Institute is an international school that teaches most languages all over the world. Their method is conversational and students learn a language by conversing from the first day of instruction. College classes will focus more o­n grammar, rather than speaking and listening right from the start. A lot of companies send their employees to schools like Berlitz where they can quickly learn to converse with people in other countries.

A second method of learning a foreign language is by purchasing "books o­n tape" which can be listened to o­n a daily basis. Students will be lead through the lessons and asked to repeat words and phrases. Software can be found o­n the Internet or at a bookstore such as Barnes and Noble. This would be an efficient way for a busy person to learn a foreign language because he or she can listen to the CD while going to and from work.

A third, but costly way, to learn a foreign language, is to visit the country of the people who speak the language. If a person has the resources of time and money, he or she could go to the country and begin speaking the language. It is best to have a background by taking a class before the visit; however, living in the actual country will force anyone to begin speaking.

One way of visiting another country is to go through an exchange program. Some of these companies are EF Cultural Exchange, SEA Exchange, APEC, and NACEL. Most universities also have semester, year, or summer abroad programs to most countries.